This is a vocabulary revision game that can be played at the end of any units for every level. This is especially designed for multilevel classrooms to be able to give a chance for each student through peer support in order to realize learning with fun as the advantage of game.


You can think about this game as a chain of questions activity. After dividing the class into groups, the teacher picks one student and asks a question about the vocabulary they have studied early in the lesson. The student can either give an answer or pass his/her chance to one of his/her teammates. If he/she gets the correct answer, he/she has the chance of choosing one student from another group to ask a question her/himself. If not, the team get False point or she/he can delay his/her turn by saying “skip me” and gives his/her turn to one of his/her teammates. Therefore, if a group wants to be winner in this game, each member should contribute others’ learning. Individual success does not help the team win. This is power of the game.