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As long as We share ,We need to give a hand!

Posted on | Şubat 15, 2015 | 1 Comment



aaaA few years ago, while I was teaching 8th graders, I tried to do something bad on purpose.

The unit was on “collaboration in the family”.  To be able to teach some vocabularies about running errands in an interactive way, I asked all the questions to my girls in the class such as


Do you do the washing?

Do you make your bed?

Do you set the table?

Do you wash the dishes?

Do you help your mom?

Do you tidy your room?

Bla bla bla..

And after having asked these questions, I stopped talking for a while.

A few minutes later, one of my students asked why I was silent.

And I replied.

“I waited for an objection.”

She said “Why?

I answered:

“I asked all the questions about household tasks to the girls and I didn’t ask any of the boys, and nobody showed any reaction. Are only girls responsible for the tasks in the house? No! Boys, girls, men and women, whoever lives in the house, should give a hand for household tasks and everybody should collaborate!“

question mark with speech bubles, vector on the abstract background


And I went on explaining by emphasizing on the importance of roles and collaboration.

What I wanted to do was to increase all of my students’ awareness of collaboration and being equal.  Any gender has no right to get rid of being collaborative and leaving the other alone with the tasks that we share in a house or in the world.


Did anything change? Maybe…

In upcoming units, they tried to analyze what I said or did… That is what I like most.

As long as we share – we need to give a hand!




One Response to “As long as We share ,We need to give a hand!”

  1. Vicky Loras
    Şubat 15th, 2015 @ 20:25

    Bravo Dincer for writing such a post in light of the latest events. Gender inequality exists in many countries, unfortunately. And it exists in different forms. For instance, here in Switzerland, very often women are not preferred for leading positions in jobs, and when they are, most of the times they are paid less than men.

    It is very important that these issues are incorporated into teaching, and kids are very receptive. It is up to us, the educators, apart from the parents as well, to show kids that genders are equal.

    I am very fortunate to have a father who not only helps around the house, but very often does more than he is asked of. These are the values I would like to transfer to my students and to my own kids.

    I know you feel very lucky to have your students, but they are so fortunate to have an educator like you too!

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