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Video Interview with Vicky Loras

Posted on | Kasım 30, 2014 | No Comments


Last Week, I have had a new experience: video interview.

I guess  Most of You know Vicky Loras. ( If you don’t know , you should know her )

She has given a plenary named “Human Touch”  and in her presentation, she has given a place me and my class.

The interview was about that. Here is the blogpost of her and the link. I hope you enjoy it.


More Than Just A Story – An Interview with Dinçer Demir

Another honour on my blog today – I have just interviewed a great teacher, very good friend, collaborator and my Turkish teacher, Dinçer Demir. It is such a wonderful interview, and yet again I have learned so much from him! Please watch him and all the amazing things he has to say about connecting, teaching and learning.

He and his teaching were also one of the things that inspired my plenary, The Human Touch, in March.


Here is the link for the interview and  her blog : http://vickyloras.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/more-than-just-a-story-an-interview-with-dincer-demir/



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