Now, it is time to reflect my opinions, thoughts and feelings about SLTEP (School of Languages Trainer Education Program) by Sabancı University.

The Program was held  from 24th of June to 5th of July, 2013 in the peaceful and lovely Campus of Sabancı University.


Our lovely, energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring tutors ;

Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken (SLTEP Program Director, School of Languages)

Sharon Leach Çeltek (Sabancı University, School of Languages)

Meral Güçeri (Sabancı University, School of Languages)

And during the program, with his great and sincere support by all means, Erdal Bey also deserved huge thanks, as well.

There were 25 participants from different parts of Turkey and different schools , mostly from universities ( 22 out of 25) , two from colleges and one from state primary school ( ME J ) . That’s why , the program became much more beneficial and fruitful with different aspects on the issues.


A few of participants accommodated in campus. I called it “the peaceful and lovely campus “ above. The reasons of this were feeling of trust ( all the doors except personal  and administrative ones are open for 24 hours. ) peaceful and quiet environment, its super-duper library (sorry  information center :).  Thus, it was a great experience for us.


The program included two weeks and a free weekend.  We had two inspiring, funny, instructive and effective time with full of experience and knowledge.


During the program, we found useful opportunities of reading to-the-point articles, mutual learning and sharing, group work, samples, simulations and training experiences.

Personally, it was a great chance for me to meet and know very knowledgeable, well-experienced, enthusiastic, creative and cheerful people. I think most of us think the same.


During the program, the topics that we analyzed, discovered experienced  were

* Teacher training as a profession

*Exploration of teaching and learning: holistic view for effective teaching

*Research as a developmental tool and zooming in on the classroom

*Training methodology

*Presentations skills

* Observation and its tools and procedures

*Feedback Skills

*Course and Activity Design

I really liked the way the topics given and experienced.

In addition to these , on Friday of first week, we attended SLTEP Conferences including 6 concurrent session. It was also a nice experience for us both to learn and to observe.

The first week of the program was mostly about theoretical side of trainer education.

The second week mainly covered practical experiences. In the second week, we were split up into 6 groups and each group chose their own topics for the presentation and got prepared a whole day together for the presentation held on the following day.  It was also awesome day because we witnessed very creative and effective presentations.

I would like to thank a lot to our very valuable tutors, Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken, Sharon Leach Çeltek and Meral Güçeri once more for everything.

Deniz Hocam; thanks for inspiration

Sharon Hocam; Thanks for sincerity

Meral Hocam; Thanks for your energy


Ohhh! I forgot to say  the gifts and presents given at the beginning and end of the program by “raffle for everyone event”


“Last but not the least” I feel that we have had a useful and important training with vital theories , prospective experiences , group work and sharing , discussions and presentations.

As Josh , İlknur, Vildan and Lola said;  

“We’re gonna need- yeah we’re gonna need to come back again “