Approximately one month ago, THE 47TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL IATEFL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION was held in Liverpool,UK on 8th-12th of April,2013.



The world of ELT participated this great event in Liverpool and also the people who couldn’t get an opportunity to attend there but had great wish to attend ( like me ) watched the session by livestream.

( you can find the sessions here : )


As a registered blogger of LIVERPOOL ONLINE  ,IATEFL CONFERENCE 2013, I wanted to write something different about the evet and I decided to write onsite participants’ points of views and reflections about the conference and the UK.


SO I prepared a survey and send the people  who attended the event in Liverpool and some of them ,thankfully, returned me.


First of all I want to thank all the participants who gave a few minutes to fill in my quick survey aiming at getting their perceptions. They were both from Turkey and abroad.

Here are the questions and my inference in relation to their answers:





Q:  Was this your first IATEFL experience? If not, after how many times?

A: Most of them had their first experience but Some of them participated  second or third time.

Q:  What is the most incredible point of Liverpool that impressed you most?

A:   They were commonly impressed by Liverpool’s history and its well-organized city culture

Q:  Have you met anyone for “the first time” who you have already known each other on social media?

A: Almost all of them had chances to meet people Face to Face for the first time although they had known each other for a long time on social media. 

Q: Have you admired the conference?

A: To be honest there are two main statements  which are almost totally different from each other. one side says it was brilliant  great ,amazing and so on. The other view says it was not incredibly amazing. 

Q: Have you found the session successful?

A: It ranges again here. However, I can summarize it like that not all of them were successful but almost all of the participants found some successful sessions for themselves.

Q:  Have you learned something new that you will make use of it when you are back?

A: Not all, but most of them said that they put something new about ELT into their pockets. 

Q:  Have you bought any souvenirs? If yes, what did you buy? (if  not private 🙂

A:  except from few of them with the excuse of no time for shopping, they bought some souvenirs such as mugs, magnets, t-shirts, bags…

Q: Have you heard “a new term” about ELT field? If yes, which one?

A: There are no very new terms about the field. ( only one or two but not new,just adapted or modified)

Q: Would you describe the even with 3 words?

A: I write common descriptions ( fruitful, enjoyable, successful,well-organized, informative, crowded,ELT extravaganza, exhaustion, interaction, international,thought provoking, enlightening,technological, student-centered,fun,nice,


Again, I would like to thank everybody who helped me by filling in the survey and  Thanks for helping us understand the atmosphere of the event better.