Hi all,

Today I would like to share an activity that I like using in my classes.

I am definitely sure that  one of the most considerable goals during the class,as teacher, is to be able to see students’ active participation while learning.

Especially, if you teach in primary level schools, it is sometimes hard to achieve this active participation. To be able to obtain this, teachers should mix fun , challenge and learning opportunities.

For that case I turn to balloons. They always help me to achieve my classes that I intend to create.

I implemented this activity to revise my students’ knowledge and let them use it.  The subjects were ” present perfect tense, could , used to ”

First of all, I wanted them to write about themselves with target grammar subjects on a small piece of paper. Then , they put the cards in their balloons and inflated them. When the music started , they all started to play with balloons. Balloons were everywhere. The rule was ” not to fall the balloons down and not to expole any of them” When the music stopped, all got a balloon randomly.

And , the funniest part of the activity is here. We all together counted down and explode the balloons at the same time.

Then, they tried to find/guess thier classmates according to the sentences on the cards coming out of the balloons.

I think it is possible to adapt this activity for other subjects. This is just a way. How you are going to walk on this way is  limited by your creativity. 🙂