I feel very honoured to present my first interview blogpost with great person and educator, VICKY LORAS.

Here I would like to thank her a lot  for her sincerity and support.



Would you please introduce yourself to us?


I am Vicky Loras and I am 34 years old. I was born in Canada to Greek parents who emigrated there when they were very young. After some years we all moved to Greece, where we finished school and opened a language school, The Loras English Academy, which we had for ten years. When we closed it (due to my brother-in-law’s job, which took him and my sister to Switzerland), we had thirteen more teachers and 208 students. I then also moved to Switzerland and now my sister and I have opened The Loras English Network.

I also have a niece who is eight and a nephew who is three and I love more than anything. They say that I am their second mommy! In my free time I like to read, write, visit galleries and museums, and travel around Switzerland. I love going out for coffee and cake!

How is your ordinary day?

I am an early bird. I usually wake up at 06:00-06:30 a.m. (no alarm clock needed, usually!) and turn on my computer. I always have a good breakfast (including coffee!) and then check my emails and accounts on social media. I have a full day of teaching and in the evening I come home, cook something and sit down to do some more emailing and writing. I almost never watch television but I listen to music – a lot of it!

Could you tell us about The Loras English Network?

The Loras English Network is exactly that: not only English language teaching, but also a vast network of educators and collaborators from all over the world. We also do children’s events and translations. It is our dream come true, to do again the same we did in Greece with the Academy, but with extra projects. We are very excited about it!

The Loras English Network



How can you describe your blogging adventure?

It has been a great journey so far.

Four years ago, when I started it, I was unemployed for almost a year because a school that had hired me (or so I thought) eventually did not deliver. One day, when I was feeling sorry for myself, I googled ELT material so I could feel a bit better. It brought me to Ken Wilson’s blog – Ken was the one who motivated me to start my own blog and I have been writing ever since. The interaction with the people who leave comments and read has been amazing. I learn a lot from them and constantly try to improve myself. This year was great, as my blog was ranked 23rd on the list of the 100 top educational blogs.

Her blog


I have some more imaginary questions for you

If you had a English Learning Village,


Where would you locate it?
It would change place every year, to honour as many places in the world as possible.
What could you name your village?
I would name it Welcome.
What song would be its national anthem?
Its national anthem would be the music of the country it would be located in each year.
What kind of system could it have?
Everyone helps each other here and we are all in this together.
For giving visa, what criteria would you expect from new comers?
Just to be open to everyone and respect them.
Could you please draw a flag for it?
I am not good at all at drawing, but it would be a colourful flag – to cover all the colours of world flags.
What motto would you have?
Everyone is welcome, everyone is respected.