We, as teacher, always need new ways to integragrate learning process with fun and challenge.

When it is focused on fun, it is likely to digress from reaching learning adjectives. It is really hard to balance fun because students may address their whole attention on fun when they taste it.

On the other hand, It is sure that learning period should include challenging activities . This is the another point to handle.  Only challenging activities may be tiring or hard for some of them.

Yesterday I attended a webinar titled “Engaging Genereation Y with Technology” by Adam Simpson.  During presentation, he mentioned a website.

It sounded amazing . I imagined it while implementing in the class. It was really great even while imagining.

It is ” www.jeopardyapp.com”

Jeopardy is a game tool. You write questions ( you can write question in different categories) , the harder the question is the higher score it has. Everything is open to control . You write the answers, students guess the  questions of them ( the original way is this) or vice versa.



You can manage the duration to answer, and numbers of the groups ,too.

When they find the true answer , they get the point.If not, they lose the point they already have or they can have minus points .

( don’t forget to click on tick or cross according to their answer)


Now go and discover it if you haven’t heard it yet. It worts.

Today I prepared a game for my students and I applied it . I was more amazing and enjoyable than I had expected.

I stongly suggest it. 🙂

My Best Regards

Thanks Adam Simpson