The world of ELT is looking forward to April 27-28,2013. Why ? Because ISTEK ELT will be on the stage with its great conference once more ; ISTEK ELT 2013: Through Their Eyes: Understanding Learner Perceptions of teaching and Learning,at Yeditepe University, Istanbul.


We are sure that Burcu Akyol and her team are going to perform an amazing conference and organisation.



I had this experience of ISTEK ELT for the first time last year in Yeditepe University. I was really impressed with the organisation, speakers and topics of the event. I met very important people and learned lot of new information about my field and absolutely opened up new prospects to me.


If you have already had a look at conference program , I suppose that you will agree with me. This year, one more great event will be waiting for us. With its date,  speakers,  topics, place and well-experienced committee and Burcu Akyol’s warm welcome , ISTEK ELT 2013 will be ,again, unforgettable experience for all of us.


The topic is great “Understanding Learner Perceptions of teaching and Learning”. I think this something that we sometimes miss during our teaching processes although we always support the learner-centered ways. That really makes me excited about learning new developments , best practices and highlighted suggestions. Don’t you?