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Storysharing Web Conference

Posted on | Şubat 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

During these two days ( February 9-10 ) we all were able to experience a great conference by British Council .

In the conference, Great speakers from 16 countries presented very beneficial 30 sessions on ” Storytellling”

This conference showed us that although storytelling derives from the first attempts of communication in the ancient history, it keeps its freshness again with the alignment of digital powers. What makes storytelling so instrumental is that not merely it makes learning process much more participative and funnier but also it motivates even shy students because of their interest on technology. In addition to these, especially while learning a new language, students find the learning action artificial. According to the fact that everybody has a story to tell, digital storytelling which benefits from all opportunities of technology is a great solution that copes with these circumstances and turns the process into real-like situation.

What makes this conference much more important for me  is that it was my first international presentation expercience. I talked about the power of ” sound effects in storytelling activities” which is titles as ” Enrich your storytelling with sound effects”.

It was a great experience for me. To be honest, I was very excited but, thanks to all great guests’ active participation I enjoyed it and I hope It was beneficial.


Here I would like to thank to British Council for organizing such a great event for teachers and also Heike and Sirin for supporting us so much till and during the conference and giving me such an unforgetable opportunity.


HERE IS THE RECORDING:http://britishcouncil.adobeconnect.com/p5pa18ppe6y/



2 Responses to “Storysharing Web Conference”

  1. Heike Philp
    Şubat 10th, 2013 @ 20:58

    Hi Dincer,
    It was great to have you present about sound effect in story telling. Excellent examples you brought along and a confident presentation too.
    Was this really your first webinar? Well, I surely believe it was not the last one. Well done!
    Here is the link to the recording.
    rgds Heike

  2. Merve Oflaz
    Mart 8th, 2013 @ 01:40

    Dear Dincer,

    I’d like to congratulate you about your great presentation. I couldn’t watch it online, but finally I had a chance to have a look at the recording.

    I was really amazed and surprised as well:) It seems that I was inspired by the same Muses earlier and I wanted to share my activity that won “my favourite lesson activity” competition opened by the British Council Turkey. Here is the link of that activity:


    I also had a chance to write about it at the Blogathon competition ran by the British Council.

    I think we all are so lucky to have been given these kind of opportunites to learn and share. Thanks to the British Council <3

    Congrats again,

    Keep sharing and keep up the good work!


    Merve Oflaz

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