I am not sure if I am the only one who feels sometimes tired but has lots of things to do !!!

I guess I am not !!

Especially nowadays, I mean, towards the end of the first semester and getting closer to important events , we can may get tired easily and we are likely to lose our concentration although our schedule is full of to do stuff , to top it all off, the weather is getting gloomier day by day because of the season.

Re-freshing our motivation again is all we need.

Here are some suggestions ( if you have workable and special ways of self-motivation , I will be pleased if you share them. Thanks, in advance.)

Set your goals clearly: If you are sure what to do, you can encourage yourself easily

Step by Step: Do not try to finish all stuff immediately. Divide them into small aims and achieve them. Achievement is motivating!

Make a to do list: Putting a tick on the thing in to do list is a great feeling. Just try it. By the way, write even the smallest things as a to do job. The more tick you have the more motivated you are.

Reward yourself: Nobody can know you better than you do. Give presents for yourself for your achievements, even for the small ones. ( chocolate? coffee? dessert? whatever! )

DO IT NOW! : Do not delay.. nobody wants to wash hundreds of dishes!

Think positive: Send positive messages to the universe ! If you have positive feelings in your mind, there cannot be space for negative ones!!

Listen to classical music: We are person , we are human beings. All we live in our private or personal lives can affect us negatively. I prefer listening to classical music to avoid nagative feelings.It is real relaxation!

Find a motive-partner: IF you feel that you are not alone,  that’s the point. you can easily motivate yourself and each other.

Failure? Normal! : Do no be afraid of failure. And be sure that failures are good opportunities for real development!

Do not compare yourself with others: This is you! Just that!

Have fun: Take your time to have fun. Fun is what we naturally need. Think about how you have fun most!

Find out what motivates you most! Write them down but be honest to yourself !

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

How to motivate yourself