There are many amazing blogs in this blog world.

ONE of the them is celebrating its anniversary with three year-old blog.

She is Vicky Loras who is the owner of this great blog.

She is celebrating her blog’s anniversary not with fireworks or a big karaoke party.

She has preferred a great way to celebrate; introducing new bloggers to the blog world.

She is introducing three new bloggers in her blog’s 3rd birthday.

Even this way of celebration shows how helpful person she is.

The first ‘new blogger’ is me.I feel very honored about that. We made an interview and she published it in her blog where she shares her thought on education.

I would like to thank her once more for giving me such a chance.

Fortunately I was at the YTU 1st ELT Conference and met her.

Again ! thanks Vicky for both the interview and FULL 5 min. 🙂

It is time to stop talking and invite you to visit her stunning blog. VICKY LORAS’ BLOG