December 1-2 , 2012.

It was written on thee ELT History Timeline..

So, it will be true to start with a giant Thank to YTU and Işıl Boy for this great organisation.



The 1st International ELT Symposium titled as WIRED IN OR OUT, held on 1-2 December 2012 at the Yildiz Central Campus.

With its venue, its amazing speakers , its very speacial participants , its organisation team  and the Pioneer of ELT, STEPHEN KRASHEN, The event started , went on and finished very well.

Opening was interesting with various kinds of Turkish Folk Dances 🙂

This First Plenary was  Chuck Sandy’s (the cofounder of International Teacher Devolopment Institute) , “Heart of Education” , In his talk, He described facebook as his hammer to connect people.


IN the Second Plenary , Garry Motteram talked about  ” Blending, extending and bridging language in the digital age”


After second plenary, We had a delicious lunch. I like lunck and break times, because  they let me talk and meet great people.


In the afternoon, Concurrent sessions started. It was really diffiult for me to choose a session among great sessions.

For first session, I prefered Burcu Akyol. She gave inspring suggestions . I liked the presentation and I felt I put something in my learning bag while leaving the room.

The other session I attended on the first day of the Symposium was Burcu Tezcan Unal’s and Özge Karaoğlu Ergen’s session. It was very funny and I was lucky also. I won two Fortune Cokkies .. Activities and given websites were all very practical and useful.

The day ended with Luke  Medding’s’ Plenary Talk. His talk’s title was ” Give the test a rest” He analyzed testing from various points of views.

The first day finished here. The upcoming day was very exciting and unforgettable. It was Stephen Krashen’s turn.

On 2nd of December, SUnday,the day started with a great concert,


The sun was shining as Mr. Krashen did on the stage, his presentation was gripping one.

His speech was about ” Technology is a useful tool if used to creat and enhance comprehensible input, derailment is used to overemphasize conscious learning.

After Krashen , Nicky Hockly presented a useful plenary talk about Facebook Nation and showed alternative social networks for language teachers and learners.


Again after we had had a nice lunch, I attended Ken Wilson’s session. That moment was also hard to choose. Ken Wilson again did his show and amazed everybody.

Then Lindsay Clandfield made a very knowledgable and effective presentation. The video was very funny 🙂 The talk was about ” a technological Disaster”


The raffle was disappointing for me 🙂 There were lots of prizes and  Although I felt that I would win a training course  on abroad,  I did not get even a pencil. :/


It was great to be there and to know so many people. Thanks #YTUELT


Special to meet you all: Tony, Işıl, Ken , Burcu, Vicky, Sophia, Meltem, Nihal,Ceyda, Başak, Katy,  Stephen,  Luke, Özge, Burcu, Şirin, Eva, Deniz, Doğa, Kristina, KRASHEN,Ann,  and  Didem… all others…