Approximately four years ago, my e-learning adventure took its start. It was great because it was different from search engine. Before professional e-learning, I could find whatever I wished, but that was not enough . There were lots of knowledge to check and then to find the suitable.

Then I discovered an online TESOL Certificate Program from the USA and I started. Before enrolling, I used to have some biases about e-learning but I decided to try and I did, fortunately.

This is the introduction part of my blogging story. I have taken some more e-training courses and of course I have discovered blogs. Blogs are great tools and there are inspiring Bloggers. They share unbelievably beneficial stuff, they inspire you , they broaden  your vision and they heat the passions of learning & sharing.

For a long time I read and read and read so learn, of course. And I thought that it was my turn. So is on .

I have started blogging and shared few entries. So far so good. But I can honestly state that it is “easier said than ‘written ‘ “ I have shared 8 entries ( excluding this one ) up to now.  And It is high time to stop and clarify my way on blogging , so Here Comes A Question.



Why Do I blog?

  • To stay up-to-date

I am sure that writing blog requires staying up-to-date and refreshing myself regularly.

  • To share new ideas about learning and teaching a foreign/second language

I am interested in teaching ESL/EFL so I always try to find or discover or produce something. So, here I want to share those things with the people who are interested in them, too.





  • To Get in Touch with the People with the same interest

I believe that I can make new friends with the same interest, so we can collaborate and learn more from each other.

  • To Express my ideas and thoughts

I like thinking of education, teaching and learning. Here is a good platform to present my thoughts. By this way , I can learn my mistakes thanks to readers’ support and improve my ideas.

  • To learn web tools by doing and experiencing for my teaching career

This field ( using web tools) is the future’s reality. So as a teacher , I must stay active and updated.

  • To be able to help colleagues

Knowledge increases as long as we share it. I strongly support this.

  • To hear “ aha, that’s it” sound

On the Internet, there is lots of stuff about our field. I want to present concrete and different ideas which are easy to implement in teaching.

  • To encourage people to write

For this I want to share only this: “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. Lee Iacocca

  • To provide some opportunities

I come across some good opportunities while searching. I want to let the readers be aware of these opportunities


  • To get the feeling of “I did it!”

It is incredible feeling to know that somebody will benefit from your shares. Even just that one is enough to write.





Last but not least is that “would you please share  WHY you started blogging or What makes you stop from blogging?


( Thanks Tony Gurr for your support)


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