Being a teacher is much more than only a job. Our job is never ending one. Ringing bells never mean that it is the end of the day for teacher. It means it is time to evaluate the day and to get prepared for the next one. That conveys we always have something to do every tomorrow. So, here is a list of what a teacher should do after the bells ring of the last class and during class.



  • To watch class and students’ faces while they are leaving the class
  • To make sure that classroom is ready for the next class
  • To Keep eye contact at the same level
  • To sincerely believe in their worth
  • To observe their attitudes ( they give important clues)
  • To get prepared with interesting activities
  • To provide comfortable, free and safe learning environment
  • To make them feel free of making mistake
  • To behave in a fair way.
  • To be respectful and honest to them
  • To facilitate them during learning
  • To create an environment to discover
  • To let them feel the feeling of achievement
  • To encourage them to have a dream and to set goals
  • To highlight their strengthens rather than weaknesses
  • To present clear instructions
  • To put forward meaningful, reasonable and realistic expectations
  • To improve their critical thinking skills
  • To allow them to think for a while before raisin their hands
  • To inspire them
  • To make them speak – Write – Draw and Sing , Let them Produce
  • To involve parents into the learning process
  • To update the list

This list is open to change and to re-arrange according to the educational developments and students’ needs & interests. However, there is a fact that being a teacher is continuing responsibility even if we leave the school.



A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
Brad Henry