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Here ARe My nominations for Edublog awards 2012

Posted on | Kasım 21, 2012 | 2 Comments


That  makes people get excited and me, too.

I am very brand-new at blogging , especially, in the field of e-learning. But I can frankly declare that there many blogs that  have changed my mind and vision for the future. Blogging is a new world for all of us, and some blogs are the most beautiful countries of this world. Visiting them gives inspiration . Before my nominations, all bloggers deserve a huge thank for their efforts. Thanks a lot..

My nominations go to;

Best New blog: http://teachersreflect.wordpress.com

Best Teacher blog:http://allthingslearning.wordpress.com/

Best Ed-Tech blog: http://ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org

Best individual blog: http://evasimkesyan.edublogs.org/

Best individual tweeter:  https://twitter.com/AnaCristinaPrts

Influential post: http://languageteachingtips.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/the-importance-of-inferencing-in-elt/

Social network: www.twitter.com

Mobile app. : http://en.linoit.com/




2 Responses to “Here ARe My nominations for Edublog awards 2012”

  1. Guven Cagdas Gundogdu
    Kasım 23rd, 2012 @ 13:28

    I can find no words to express my jubilation for the nomination. I’m sure your blog will reach to millions of people in a short time, and everyone, including me, will be nominating you for all the awards up for grab. I wish you the very best!

    Güven Çağdaş Gündoğdu

  2. Eva Buyuksimkesyan
    Aralık 3rd, 2012 @ 20:18

    Thank you Dincer for the nomination. I just found out my blog has been nominated and and just discovered your post. I even couldn’t find time to write my list although I always did in the past three years.
    I am sure your blog will be one of the most visited ones in 2013
    Good luck in your new journey.
    Eva Buyuksimkesyan

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