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Challenging FUN -Jeopardyapp

    We, as teacher, always need new ways to integragrate learning process with fun and challenge. When it is focused on fun, it is likely to digress from reaching learning adjectives. It is really hard to balance fun because students may address their whole attention on fun when they taste it. On the other […]

Liverpool Online #IATEFL

The 47th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition   With over 4,000 members IATEFL , one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers in the world, is ready for the great event which is going to be held in Liverpool,UK on 8th-12th of April,2013. +656-3   

Towards ISTEK ELT 2013

      The world of ELT is looking forward to April 27-28,2013. Why ? Because ISTEK ELT will be on the stage with its great conference once more ; ISTEK ELT 2013: Through Their Eyes: Understanding Learner Perceptions of teaching and Learning,at Yeditepe University, Istanbul.   We are sure that Burcu Akyol and her […]

OUTLIERS IN ELT- reflections

  Eventually I have just found some time to write something after the great event titled “Outliers in ELT” by students of ELT Department, Bilgi University.  It was 1st International Conference from Bilgi ELT students and to be honest, they all did a great job. +3-2   

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