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The 10 reasons I started blogging

    Approximately four years ago, my e-learning adventure took its start. It was great because it was different from search engine. Before professional e-learning, I could find whatever I wished, but that was not enough . There were lots of knowledge to check and then to find the suitable. Then I discovered an online […]

A Teacher’s To-Do List for Every Tomorrow

Being a teacher is much more than only a job. Our job is never ending one. Ringing bells never mean that it is the end of the day for teacher. It means it is time to evaluate the day and to get prepared for the next one. That conveys we always have something to do […]

Here ARe My nominations for Edublog awards 2012

  That  makes people get excited and me, too. I am very brand-new at blogging , especially, in the field of e-learning. But I can frankly declare that there many blogs that  have changed my mind and vision for the future. Blogging is a new world for all of us, and some blogs are the […]

Peer Education and Its Implementation

To start, let’s know what peer is : Peer means equal: meaning we all learn together and that all our contributions are of equal worth. Whatever age you are,you have a peer group, for example: your fellow students in a school or college, your friends , people in a learning group, people at you work […]

3 Reasons Students Should Not Raise Their Hands ( quoted)

  A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to know that how I questioned kids in the class was not particularly effective. I always seemed to notice ‘the evident’ kid – you know the one. Big personality, or quick to answer, or fearless even if they didn’t really know. That kid. But what […]

Linoit > Discuss – Get Feedback – Share

Since I discovered that very beneficial tool, called Lino (http://en.linoit.com/) , I have used it a few times. It is a very easy and effective way of getting feedback , discussion and sharing ideas. +2-1   

My Reflection on an article about voc. learning using Multimedia presentation

Today I have just read an articled titled  “Redundancy effect on retention of vocabulary words using multimedia presentation”* Yavuz Samur’s this study aims to examine the effect of the redundancy principle in a multimedia presentation constructed for foreign language vocabulary learning on undergraduate students’ retention. First of all, I would like to mention “redundancy principle”. […]

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