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Ping-Pong Effect

Ping Pong Effect A few days ago, I implemented a game with Ping-Pong balls, which is open to be adapted for different subjects , in my classrooms for teaching  “comparatives” . It was fun and challenging and also instructional for learners. I named it Ping-Pong effect. My students both revised the subject and found a […]

After SLTEP 2013: My Reflection

      Now, it is time to reflect my opinions, thoughts and feelings about SLTEP (School of Languages Trainer Education Program) by Sabancı University. The Program was held  from 24th of June to 5th of July, 2013 in the peaceful and lovely Campus of Sabancı University. +81-12   

Storysharing Web Conference

During these two days ( February 9-10 ) we all were able to experience a great conference by British Council . In the conference, Great speakers from 16 countries presented very beneficial 30 sessions on ” Storytellling” This conference showed us that although storytelling derives from the first attempts of communication in the ancient history, […]

A Teacher’s To-Do List for Every Tomorrow

Being a teacher is much more than only a job. Our job is never ending one. Ringing bells never mean that it is the end of the day for teacher. It means it is time to evaluate the day and to get prepared for the next one. That conveys we always have something to do […]

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